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AquaMax Restoration Services is an IICRC certified and Florida licensed mold inspection and mold remediation company. We have the experience and training to properly identify and remediate mold in your home or business. You can count on our family owned business to handle your commercial or home mold removal problem as quickly, safely, and effectively as possible.

We service Palm Beach, Broward and Miami Dade counties including West Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, Pembroke Pines, Hollywood, Deerfield Beach and the surrounding area.

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Mold Remediation Services

    Mold inspection and mold testing
    Mold removal and cleanup
    Cleaning & sanitation of structure, and contents
    HEPA Air Filtration and HEPA Vacuuming
    Crawlspace mold remediation
    Attic mold remediation
    Basement mold remediation
    Mold damage repair

Mold Removal Process

Our mold remediation process follows the IICRC protocols and involves a thorough step by step process. Here is an outline of our mold removal process:

Inspection: A licensed mold inspector from AquaMax will identify moldy areas of your home or business and the source of the problem. Depending on the result of the mold test, the inspector will formulate a mold remediation plan.

Containment: The first step of the mold remediation process is to set up a containment structure that will prevent mold spore contamination of non affected areas.

HEPA Air Scrubbing: Once the containment structure is in place, the air of the affected area is filtered using air scrubbing machines called HEPA filters. These filters capture 99% of the airborne mold spores.

Removal of affected materials: If mold has contaminated building materials such as drywall, carpets or insulation, they will need to be disposed of in a careful manner that prevents additional mold spores from being released.

HEPA Vacuum: The containment area is then vacuumed with a HEPA filter, which captures most of the mold spores.

Cleaning: The affected area is then cleaned with an antimicrobial solution to prevent future mold growth.

Cleanup: The affected area may be vacuumed and wiped down a final time before the containment area is taken down.

Testing: Once the remediation process is complete we test the air to make sure that mold spores are no longer at an elevated level.

Repair: In the event that the mold damaged any building materials, those are repaired or replaced.

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Where Mold is Most Commonly Found?


Attics are seldom visited areas of homes where mold growth often goes unnoticed. Mold is extremely common in attics due to poor ventilation and high humidity. Leaky roofs, leaky gutters, improperly installed exhaust vents, missing insulation and air conditioners can all lead to mold problems in attics.


Like attics, crawl spaces often provide optimum growing conditions for mold. Mold can thrive in crawl spaces due to lack of ventilation, bare earth floors, flood water, foundation cracks and other moisture related issues.


Basements are very susceptible to flooding, thus also susceptible to mold growth. In addition to storm flooding, basements often bear the brunt of leaky pipes, hot water tank overflows, and clogged drains.


Kitchens are similar to bathrooms as it’s a room where a lot of water is contained in plumbing components. That includes water supply lines, drain pipes, sinks, dishwashers and even ice makers. All have the potential to leak or malfunction and cause a moisture problem leading to mold.


Bathrooms are high humidity areas by nature of their intended use. Hot showers, baths, sinks, toilets all contribute to a bathroom’s humidity. Leaky drain pipes, poor ventilation, and water overflows can compound the problem.

What Causes Mold Growth?

Mold growth is dependent upon several factors, but the most important one is water. Mold thrives in moist, humid environments. In homes and buildings excess moisture is usually due to plumbing failures, poor ventilation and water intrusion from the outside environment. Common sources of mold growth we often see are leaky pipes, leaky roofs, poor ventilation in kitchens and bathrooms, flooded basements, improperly installed vents, among others. Addressing these sources of moisture will help prevent mold growth from returning.

Cost of Mold Remediation in Boca Raton

Every mold removal project is unique, so there is no set price for professional mold remediation. However, the common variables that will help determine the price are the following:

Total size of the affected area.

Where the mold is located. Small, cramped spaces like attics and crawl spaces make remediation more complicated.

Fixing the source of the mold growth.

Reconstruction costs such as repairing drywall, painting, replacing carpets, etc.

In order to get a better idea of the scope of the mold infestation it’s prudent to have a mold inspection by a licensed inspector.

Should You Hire Professional Mold Remediation Company?

The Florida Department of Health recommends that home and business owners should hire a certified mold remediation company when the mold growth affects more than 10 square feet. When hiring a professional mold removal service, you will have the piece of mind that all the mold in your home, visible and hidden, is properly remediated. An licensed inspector can also help identify and address the root problem so that the mold doesn’t return in the future. Black mold, or mold of any color, is not only a potential danger to the structure and contents of your home, but also to the health of you and your family.

Mold testing and remediation is availabe to home and business owners in Boca Raton, Deerfield Beach, Delray Beach, Parkland, Pembroke Pines, West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Miami and the surrounding area South Florida area.

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Andres luque
Andres luque
13:15 05 Aug 21
The owner came out and explained everything step by step. He was always in touch and constantly checking on the work. The overall experience was fantastic, they made this repair smooth and quick. Will always recommend.
Vera Warren
Vera Warren
20:54 14 Jul 21
Aqua max is a professional, courteous and prompt company. Herby understands the hassle of having a kitchen leak. Mold inspection and removal was done in a timely manner. My cabinets and countertop were saved which I am thrilled about. I would highly recommend this company!!
Margarita Espina
Margarita Espina
16:19 04 Jun 21
If you need to have mold removal done well. Aquamax Restoration Services is the place to call. You won’t be disappointed.

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