Are you licensed and certified? 
Yes, in the state of Florida you need to be licensed to perform mold remediation and all of our employees are IICRC certified.​

What are your business hours? 
We are open 24 hours a day 365 days a week. Call us when you need us.

When will you need our services?
Water mitigation should happen as soon as water damage occurs. This will reduce your damages and time to dry out your property

What should I do after a flood? 
The best thing to do after a flood is to call a water restoration company. Water mitigation should happen as soon as water damage occurs. This will reduce your damages and time to dry out your property. 

How long does it take to dry out my property? 
It varies on the situation however it typically takes 3-5 days 

How much will this cost me?
What makes us different about other companies is we will bill your insurance company directly this way you don’t have to pay out of pocket. 

Does insurance cover my water damage?
Most insurance policies do cover water damage. We deal with your insurance for you and take every possible step towards restoring your property.

What about all my stuff?
Your belongings will be properly inventoried and photographed during the assessment. Then, we remove your belongings to a safe, dry location in a quick, efficient manner.

Is there too much flood damage for your company to handle?
There is no job too big for our restoration crew. We have the manpower and equipment to take on any size job.

My home is flooded, but it’s late at night. Can you still come out?
We are prepared around the clock to service your property, and our dispatch is on call 24/7

Can you also get the walls dry if they’ve been soaked by water?
Yes. Our job is not finished until we make sure everything is properly dried and dehumidified before we start putting things back together. Our advanced drying and dehumidifying equipment will get everything 100% in a time-efficient manner.

How long does the drying and dehumidification process going to take?
It varies depending on the saturation of the flood damages, but most jobs take between two and four days to get completely dry.

Can your team detect mold or mildew?
Our specialists are trained to identify and contain any mold or mildew growth and we can usually treat it before it spreads if we are called out quickly. We treat any infestation with an antimicrobial spray that will kill any fungus. This includes mold and mildew.

Do I have to get an estimate from the insurance company before you start?
No. Our services are considered an emergency service, so the restoration process needs to be started immediately to mitigate losses. The insurance companies realize that the faster we are able to get the job started, the less it will cost them. We use the industry-standard Xactimate software to estimate damages. Insurance companies recognize and prefer this method of estimating.

Does your water restoration equipment heat up the house?
As a result of the exhaust from the equipment, the house does get warmer. This actually is a huge benefit, as it speeds up the drying process.

How do you know when everything’s dry? 
Our expert technicians have digital meters that can detect even trace amounts of moisture. We test every location on the property, so we know exactly which areas to target with our equipment.

Can my family and I stay in the house while the restoration is going on?
That is a judgment call that is left up to you. There are many variables including the category your damages fall under. If it’s a category 2 or 3, it’s probably best that you make arrangements while we clean up the mess. Most insurance companies will cover a hotel in cases like this. If the water damages are minimal, and it’s “clean water”, you may be able to stay in the house. The equipment will have to remain in place and running 24/7 though which may be an inconvenience.

Can you do anything about the odor?
After the water removal phase of the job is done, we use special treatments to neutralize and eliminate odors and cleanse the air of contaminates.


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